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Brotherless Night by V.V. Ganeshananthan

A hard, deep, heart wrenching story. We meet SashI and her family, who are torn in different directions by political factions, life and simple humanity. I had trouble reading this book and not just because of the language barrier, which I struggled with throughout. There are no warm fuzzies here, but a good, hard read.

Take My Husband by Ellen Meister

I could not find the humor in this dark, sad story. There is so much that is just sad. I could not come to terms with the drama and aloneness. The story is different and it is a good read, but do not expect fairy dust with this one.

NEW RELEASE AND READY! The Laughbox by Julia Kent


The Laughbox

Author: Julia Kent

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 21, 2022


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The Laughbox contains SIX full-length novels so you can start all of New York Times bestselling romantic comedy author Julia Kent’s series, plus get an ALL NEW NOVELLA you can’t find anywhere else. 


Get a taste of billionaires, small towns, rock stars, office romance, secret bosses, second chances, first crushes, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, and so much more.


Each series is wildly different from the others, with varying heat levels, different hijinks, but always, always - a heartwarming world you want to live in, with heroes who make you swoon and heroines who make you laugh - and cheer on in their quests for happily-ever-after endings.


This boxed set includes:


Shopping for a Billionaire (a New York Times bestseller)

Fluffy (a USA Today bestseller)

Love You Wrong

Random Acts of Crazy (a New York Times bestseller) 

In Your Dreams 

Maliciously Obedient (a USA Today bestseller)


and an ALL NEW novella, Shopping for a Billionaire’s Anniversary, featuring Declan and Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, as they celebrate their anniversary with affection, heat, and a hilarious set of awkward mishaps that still manage to be conquered by love.


Sink into seven fun stories that leave you with all the feels, loads of laughs, and strange looks from people around you as you read, giggle, and fall in love.


Note: each of these are series starters. Some are standalones (Fluffy), others end with the main characters together but with more books in the series as I follow their relationship (Shopping for a Billionaire, Random Acts of Crazy), others are prequels (Love You Wrong, In Your Dreams), while Maliciously Obedient has a cliffhanger. Full, up-front transparency for readers.




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From the all-new Shopping for a Billionaire Novella, SHOPPING FOR A BILLIONAIRE’S ANNIVERSARY






Here." My executive assistant, Dave, shoves a perfectly wrapped present at me, with a card and a small envelope. We’re in my office, the sun shining on this beautiful spring day, and I am finishing up work before taking a vacation.

Yes–vacation. It’s for one night, but it counts.

"What's this?"

"Your anniversary gift for Shannon."

The note card is blank.

He notices me noticing this and his face sours, the corners of his mouth dropping in scorn, pulling his beard down so he looks like an angry leprechaun.

"I draw the line at writing sweet nothings to your wife and signing your name, even if my rendition of your signature is far superior to your own,” he says dryly, reaching down to square a pile of papers on my desk.

"My signature is my signature. No one can best it, Dave."

He just snorts.

I shake the box lightly. "What's in here?"



"Ninth-year anniversary gift. Leather is flexible and represents durability."

“I am well aware of what leather represents. What does it have to do with my marriage?”

He snorts again.

I frown and ask, "Just leather? What is it, a wallet?"

"No! Of course not. The traditional gemstone for ninth anniversaries is lapis. I had a jewelry artist set chunks of lapis in gold, then stitch them onto a leather cuff bracelet." Dave holds his phone up to me, showing a picture of the piece.

"That's incredible."

A short sigh of contentment, then a clipped, "You're welcome" is how Dave takes a compliment. He doesn’t feed off praise.

He feeds off his own hypercompetence. If efficiency were a drug, Dave would be Al Pacino on Scarface, covered in the fine white powder of his own brutal excellence.

"The lighthouse is reserved for the evening?" I inquire, reaching for my briefcase.

"Yes. Your suit's in the car already." Dave eyes me. "Where will you change?"

I'm wearing jeans, hiking boots, and a Lacoste polo shirt, all Shannon’s favorites. The dark green shirt is a nod to my eyes, which she has spent almost a decade raving about.



New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. Since 2013, she has sold more than 2 million books, with 4 New York Times bestsellers and more than 21 appearances on the USA Today bestseller list. Her books have been translated into French, German, and Italian, with more titles releasing in the future.


From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men's room toilet (and he isn't a billionaire she met in a romantic comedy).


She lives in New England with her husband and three children where she is the only person in the household with the gene required to change empty toilet paper rolls.


She loves to hear from her readers by email at, on Twitter @jkentauthor, on Facebook at @jkentauthor, and on Instagram @jkentauthor. Visit her at











The Rising Tide by Ann Cleeves

This newest installment of the world of Vera Stanhope is sad and depressing. I found no light at the end and felt deeply for the middle aged inspector, who has no life outside of her job. This was a difficult read, full of twists, turns and heaviness. A good read, but do not expect any warm fuzzies.

Small Town Big Magic by Hazel Beck

This story is full of magic, mayhem and a small amount of romance. It is a little slow and needs less repeat of past happenings, which were repeated many times. The group of friends and interactions between the townies helped save this read.

The Laughbox by Julia Kent


Outstanding selection of Julia Kent’s imaginative story telling. This set includes the first book of her Shopping series, Random series, Fluffy series, Obedient series, the newest Maine series and an all new novella in the Shopping series. I have previously read all but the Shopping for a Billionaire’s Anniversary, which is so sweet and typical Shannon and Declan fun and mishaps. Grab this set of stories. It is a excellent start to the Kent universe.

Release day!

Finally Forever by Elena Aitken

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The last chapter saved this book for me. The interaction between Sandy and Dylan, left something to be desired, “discretion” is key for an adult relationship, this story had little of either. There is steam, angst, drama and not much else until the end. Good beach read.


Cold Silence by Toni Anderson

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WOW! A top of the line whodunnit, with a side of romance and steam. The evil bad guy, is truly a piece of work. This book kept me engaged from beginning to the “edge of my seat” end. If you are a suspense romance reader, grab this newest book, it has it all. A definite addition to your TBR list.

Finally Forever by Elena Aitken

The last chapter saved this book for me. The interaction between Sandy and Dylan, left something to be desired, “discretion” is key for an adult relationship, this story had little of either. There is steam, angst, drama and not much else until the end. Good beach read.

Royal Rebel by J.J. Knight RELEASE DAY,


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You’ve never made a mistake like mine.

It’s bad enough being a bloomin’ princess.
It’s not all cake and tiaras.
There’s rules. Expectations.
Your internet is censored. Your cell phones are tapped.
And your father is literally king.

Mine made a law that no man between the age of seven and thirty is allowed to work inside the palace.

Which means I’m surrounded by kitchen staff, female guards, and a dusty old tutor named Maurice.

Now I’m twenty-three with zero experience around men. I’ve never even texted one.

But on the castle lawn, there are dozens of hunky new guards working out below the tower. I spy on them every day.

I’ve chosen one.
Kind. Beautiful. Strong.

I sneak through the underground tunnels to surprise him in the rose garden and tell him how I feel.

Except when I finally confess my love through the trellis, and we walk to the end of the hedge to begin our forbidden romance…

I realize I’ve accidentally propositioned the biggest playboy in the palace.

Royal Rebel is a standalone romantic comedy about a princess who breaks all the rules, overzealous donkeys that interrupt make-out sessions, and a hunky guard who thinks he’ll never, ever, limit himself to one woman — until he does.

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He turns, and my breath catches. The moon caresses his rugged, charming face. He’s been with me every step of his new journey. I trust him completely.

“I need your help with something.”

His gaze meets mine and something in my belly goes liquid.

“Of course.”

“I—I’m nervous about something. Really nervous. And you’re one of my best friends. And luckily, a boy.” A nervous giggle tries to escape, but I clamp it down.

His eyebrows draw together the smallest amount, but he waits me out.

“I — I’ve never kissed anyone. I would like to try it. Would you do it? It wouldn’t be like cheating on Gregor, I don’t think. You’re like a — a brother to me. Okay, that’s weird. I would never kiss Leo. But you’re a trusted friend. Someone who would tell me if I did it wrong. If I was bad. I mean, you’d know. You’ve kissed a thousand girls. You’re an expert.”

A muscle in his jaw ticks. “You should save your first kiss for Gregor.”

“I don’t think you would be my real first kiss. Any more than my mother kissing me goodnight or the French ambassador pecking my cheeks.”

His Adam’s apple bobs and his gaze cuts away. He’s not going to do it. I’ve asked too much.

“I’m sorry. Nevermind. That was crazy. It’ll be fine.” I turn away from him to look out on the small park at the center of the square where the townspeople sing in the mornings.

“Kissing me wouldn’t be like your brother, or your mother, or the French ambassador,” he says.

“Not at all.”
Royal Pickle

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JJ Knight is the USA Today and Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic comedy including Tasty Mango and Big Pickle.
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Royal Rebel by JJ Knight

Octavia is sheltered to the point of pain, in this newest addition to the Pickle universe. Living a overbearing, under appreciated life,she breaks the ties that bind and finds romance, treachery and steam. An excellent beach read.

The One Who Loves You by Pippa Grant release date July 12, 2022

One of my favorite authors, all grown up. I loved this newest book, a first in her new series. As always, the character community is rounded, diverse and so much fun. There are so many laugh-out-loud scenes and many spots I had to take a laughing break. The interaction between all, especially the two main characters is charming, entertaining and heart felt, along with the drama and angst. Do not miss this one!


The Boardwalk Bookshop by Susan Mallery

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There is much happening in this newest book by Susan Mallery. We meet three partners and by the end of the story, close friends, which is typical of this author. So much drama and angst, each of these main characters could have had their own book. This is a great read, with an abrupt ending, but still an excellent vacation read. A definite addition to your Summer TBR list.


Meant To Be by Emily Griffin

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Good story, it slowed and flagged in places, however moved me in several spots. The constant self doubt is a little overwhelming, but the truest of heart warming romance is buried here, just requiring the reader to persevere. A definite do not miss, addition to your must read list.

Colder Than Sin by Toni Anderson

Another excellent read by Toni Anderson. This story is about perseverance, danger, drama, mystery and romance. The bad guys are unforeseen and a heartbreaker. Such a good read. Grab this one.

Release Day!

Sweet Home Alaska by Jennifer Snow

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This story had potential, just fell short, in my opinion. I liked the main characters and looked forward to my usual like turning into interesting intoxication, but just did not happen. The tedium of these two, constantly circling their high school breakup, and acting like immature adults, just made me tired. There is more to the story, the whimsical possibilities saved the book, in my opinion.