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HIS first three Audio books Sheila Kell Author, Carson Beck Narrator

I intended on leaving separate reviews for each of these, however, as I had read them all previously and now listened to each, decided to do these together. HIS Desire, HIS Choice and HIS Return, all are narrated by the same person and Mr. Beck has a very good voice, his small child (little toddler) voice is another matter.

HIS Choice is still my favorite of this series, the story has steam, as do all, but there is a reason for the drama and discord, other than the years of self guilt being carried by the main character.  Witness protection really throws a wrench in a future. This was the best of the three. 

HIS Return is full of guilt and remorse. You kind of get lost in the drama. There is action and humor which goes far in saving this story, but I just could not get past it. 

All in all, these are good to listen while knitting, driving and crocheting (which is when I listen to audio books).