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May 2022
reblogged: Sweet Home Alaska by Jennifer Snow
Release Day!
from My Bag Of Books
This story had potential, just fell short, in my opinion. I liked the main characters and looked forward to my usual like tur...
May 2022
reblogged: Something Wilder by Christina Lauren
RELEASE DAY! Awesome read.
from My Bag Of Books
WOW! This book would make an awesome movie! This is an action packed romance and one of the best stories I have read this yea...
May 2022
read and rated
reviewed: Excellent read
A deep dark, suspenseful romance. Such an intense read, I could not put this down. It is all here, drama, treachery, steam an...
Her Sanctuary - Toni Anderson
May 2022
read and rated
reviewed: Fun read.
First, just WOW, this book has much steam. At least the story is there along with the steam. This is a bit of a roller coaste...
Blindsided - Amy Daws
May 2022
reviewed: Cold Silence by Toni Anderson
WOW! A top of the line whodunnit, with a side of romance and steam. The evil bad guy, is truly a piece of work. This book kep...
May 2022
reviewed: Dangerous Touch by Toni Anderson, Blair Babylon and more
Wow, such an outstanding deal! I have read a couple of the included books, and loved them. Blair Babylon’s Stiff Drink and To...
May 2022
reviewed: Wild, fun ride.
I read this many years ago. Loved the this series and this started the crazy. We meet Carla, Trevor and Joe, who are the cent...
Random Acts of Crazy - Julia Kent
reviewed: Otterly Irresistible by Erin Nicholas
So, here there be otters, hedgehogs, lemurs, sloths and so much more. A truly sweet rom com with all the feels and the expect...
May 2022
reviewed: Spells For Forgetting by Adrienne Young
With a touch of magic and a balance of human evil rolled into a engaging “whodunnit”. This well written mystery, drama, roman...
April 2022
reviewed: With Love From Wish & Co. by Minnie Darke
A life changing mix up that plays havoc with clients lives and leads the way to what is truly important to those same individ...
April 2022
text: Love You Right by Julia Kent Release Day!
Love You RightSeries: Love You, Maine #1 By Julia Kent Contemporary Romantic ComedyRelease Date: April 26, 2022 My Bag of ...
reblogged: Love You Right by Julia Kent
from My Bag Of Books
I read this newest spinning, hilarious romance, nice and slow, as I did not want it to end. Laughed, giggled and laughed more...
April 2022
reviewed: Bend Toward The Sun by Jen Devon
This story pulled me in several directions. The descriptive scenery and prose spoke to me. Rowan and Harry were harder for me...