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Today is the day! iBooks publication.

False Memory by Meli Raine

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This book has so much intrigue, you can cut it with a knife. The pain, hopelessness and anger of the recovering Lily, feels real. Her fear burns bright.  Excellent read. Anticipating the next in this series. 

Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones

The darkest as of yet. These books are so enjoyable, the snark and humor abound. This one was a dark version of the past versions. Not only is it dark, but the dark is sad and twisted. 

A lot of boring.

Your Irresistible Love - Layla Hagen

A stodgy romance, same ol, same ol. Quick read, there is steam and not a lot of story. Easy to leave this one by the wayside. If your goal is steam but not much story, this is a good choice. 

Fun, good read

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones

Second in this amazingly funny series, the snark is to die for. lol (grim reaper joke). There are a lot of moving parts to these stories, which keeps the reader entertained and interested. Fun, good read.

Keystone Cops

Watcher in the Woods - Kelley Armstrong

Found this story to be a jumble of characters with no real solutions. I will state that I have not read the previous books in this series, nor am I tempted. I nearly quit the book, but decided to continue, sometimes the story improves, not the case with this one.  This is a “who done it” with no finesse and reason, too much side story, too many characters, each with their own agenda and the reader is left with a “wtf” just happened and does it fit in the story. 

Last but not least.

Summoned To Thirteenth Grave - Darynda Jones

It is hard to review this book without a spoiler. I knew going into this, it was the last of this series. The signature snark and steam are there, along with the regular workings of serial killers, legacy evil and of course the end of the world, all typical of a Charley book. However, this is the last, so there are a few twists and turns that are unexpected, but the end is .....  well, you will just have to read the book to find out.   Charley, your snark, humor and idioms will be missed. 

False Memory by Meli Raine


This book has so much intrigue, you can cut it with a knife. The pain, hopelessness and anger of the recovering Lily, feels real. Her fear burns bright.  Excellent read. Anticipating the next in this series. 

The grim reaper is a fun read.

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones

The first book in this series. Fun and humor with a side of steam. There is mystery, with a who-done-it or two. I found myself waiting for the next question to be answered, which did not truly get happen, at least not to my satisfaction. Which means on to the next book. A fun read.  Also have this in audio, well worth the listen. 

A Hamilton Christmas by Sheila Kell

Mystery and mayhem brought about by an over abundance of characters, including intrepid youthful sleuths in this Hamilton Christmas who-done-it.  I found this story a little convoluted, had problems following who’s point of view I was reading. Although I enjoyed the HIS series, this story is not my favorite. If you are looking for a Hamilton story wrap up that includes all the members and then some, this is for you. 

A Harmless Little Game by Meli Raine

A Harmless Little Game - Meli Raine, Julia Kent

A sadly twisted story. I found myself shocked and engaged with the awful direction as this tale progressed.  It ends with the reader snapping up the next book to find out what happens next. And the hope that some type of justice is served. Excellent read, not for the faint of heart. 

Billionaires Ever After by Blair Babylon

If you loved the Rae/Wulf saga, then this is a must. All the shorts and epilogues in one book. So convenient and this is the answer to “and then what happens”. Although greedy readers like myself are always wanting more. Another great read.

Falling For A Stranger - Barbara Freethy

A really slow read. The story was there but it turned and circled until I found myself yawning and dosing off. It did pick up toward the end, maybe the last third of the book. I tried to like this and certainly have read worse, but mostly, I was glad to see the end. 

Seven of Swords by JJ Knight


Fast moving, fun, enjoyable read with a side of steam. High tech thieves, puts the adage “no honor among thieves” to the test.  There is a twist to this one, with romance woven in that makes this story one of my favorites. Don’t miss this one. Good fun read. 

Release day!

When We Began by Elena Aitken

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Sweet, is the only word for this newest book. This read is so sweet, it makes my teeth hurt. That said, the story line is a good one. This is a second chance novel, not in the classic sense but as a chance for change and to move forward.  Personal demons are real, they are abusive and everyone has a personal demon of one type or another. This story touches on the very surface of abuse issues. It is a light, sweet (there’s that word again) read, enjoyable. Put your feet up and enjoy. 

Once in a Cape Cod Summer by Alexa Bloom

There is a message in this story, the oceans are in trouble and this book tries to touch on this subject without making it the focus of the story. There is light romance, a little steam and some silliness and tribulation between the main couple. All in all a good, light read. 

A Secret Wish by Barbara Freethy

A Secret Wish - Barbara Freethy

A snap of the lives of three different women, who cross paths on their birthdays. A sweet easy short read, that pushes much into a quick synopsis at the life crossroads each person is teetering on. Enjoy this read.